How will you KNITit?


KNITit is opening it’s resources to the entrepreneurial world! Join the 3D Knitting movement without the heavy investment in programmers and machines.

Do you have an idea?

Are you looking for an opportunity to join the 3D Knitting movement?

Join our KNITcubator at the KNITit studio!

Our team of highly trained programmers and engineers will guide you through the development process for a nominal monthly fee of only $100!

Want to see an example of a KNITcubated project? Click HERE.

How can we deliver this incredible deal to you? Because KNITit is more than a product development company. In exchange for helping you with your product we ask for manufactuering rights, so we can help you scale with success and a percentage of sales or equity. 

Questions? Email the Founder Liz Hilton @