KNITit HOW Professional Package

KNITit HOW Professional Package

315.00 450.00

Are you ready to take your creative and technical skills to the next level and give yourself a competitive advantage in the designer workforce? This 3 course package is exactly what you are looking for! 

The dates for this package are:

Whenever you want! Just email to book your classes according to your scheduel! 

This package includes:

- Learning the 3D knitting basics to making your own headband

- Learning more advanced techniques to build your own scarf

- Learning the fundamentals of 3D knitting to design your own skirt!

After the completion of these courses you are eligible to rent time on KNITit manual machines whenever you want! This is ideal for building up a 3D knit portfolio. 

* Alternate scheduling is available as well as group rates. Please call 609-240-7953

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